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National Poetry Month Community Project Posts


by Madison Simkus, 2020

Spring is here.

People cheer.

Rain keeps coming down.

I groan, no more bike rides around town.

No more rain? Hurray!

Grinning children call out, “Let’s play!”

If Only

by Joe Sklar, 2020

If only…

If only the fish was blessed,
Branch out some legs and stand up tall like a tree
Trudge his way towards freedom,
And clothe on up like the remaining
Punch out some arms,
say his goodbye’s to his fins
Jolt with joy and empowerment,
If only…
If only the fish could amble on over,
If only…
He would discover a jolly new companion named Johnny,
The fish and Johnny would form a bond and put on a smile
They’d cruise on over to the town fair,
People stare out of curiosity and disbelief
They stare with amazement as they see a fish and a little boy run,
Dash faster than ever into the fair
If only…
The two’s jaws drop out of excitement towards all the rides
These two are in heaven and have no clue what to do,
There minds circle continuously as they don’t even know where to begin
The two shuffle on over to the closet ride and leap on line,
But of course this is only if the fish was blessed

If only…

The Little Bee

by Linda and Robert Baacke, 2020

A Poem my Father and I wrote, when I was a child:

The little Bee flies through the storm

For a place in the woods that will keep him warm.

All through the wind and the rain he sleeps

Until the dawn around him creeps

A Chair from IKEA

by Anna Rossman, 2020

Life is like purchasing a chair from IKEA

One you must assemble yourself

Carefully open the box

Thousands of tiny parts tumble out

You scan the scattered segments.

But the most vital component is lost-

The instructions!

You resort to the risk of building it rouge

Dinner, a shower, the Office reruns can wait

3 hours whiz by and you’ve managed to

Hammer a measly nail or two

You sink in the sea of segments and screws

Until you tentatively peek in your box

The precious papers

Give a golden glow in your grasp

Happiness settles in your heart

Until you read the instructions…

But you can’t…

Because they are written in German

A Moment

by Gloria Steiding, 2020

A gossamer mist like ghosts, moves across the still water
As the sun climbs to its perch
The mountains hold us close  
A monarch, with summer memories, drifts by
While Autumn begins its brilliant descent
Our colors fade
Your hand, a sea anchor pausing movement 
Facing us towards the storm’s oncoming waves. 

Christmas Poem

by Samantha Cassidy, 2020


pine trees decorated with lights


cookies in the oven


songs and bells jingling


with gravy and pumpkin pies


fireplaces and soft socks


friends and family in the house


times with brothers and sisters


by Gloria Steiding, 2020

My heart is tired 
Forgiveness must find another way
Breathed in through the lungs
Like medicinal mist
Absorbed through the skin
Like soothing sunlight
I yearn for it 
A virtue I cannot attain
I am a prisoner 
Only you can release 
With words of regret
I would fly with the speed of a hummingbird
Toward the radiant light.

After Quarantine

by Andrew Lunarola, 2020

After this

After this I will hug a lot

After this I will spend more time with

my cousins

After this watching hockey on TV will

be a treat

After this I will have more fun at


After this I will want to go back to


After this I will spend more time with


After this I will go to the


After this I will enjoy

sports again

After this I will never take these things for granted

An Hour in Time
(Narrative Poem)

by Christie Leigh Babirad, 2020

Running in the gym above the football field, I looked out to the endless land and great big blue sky through the room length window. I had never existed in such a space before. Missing Mom, but my heart was beating hope. A world wide open, I ached for only one world to notice me- His world. I wanted him to show me every inch.


by Victoria Mena, 2020

Social norms are the worst.

Peer pressure and the thought of “fitting in” can drive someone to insanity,

Putting someone down because of their appearance or their personality is like pushing them down in a pool of water until they’re fully submerged.

These monsters are making people think, “am I good enough,” when they wake up, rather than, “this day is going to be great,”

And every night they go home and instead of eating a normal dinner, they don’t even grab

a plate,

Just to keep their figure “skinny” and “normal,”

even if it makes them feel sick but they don’t care because it’s “necessary,” they say.

But why?

Who would sacrifice their health and well-being to be loved and popular?

It happens more than you think; those kids who you think are perfect are just trying to keep up an act, keep on their mask trying not to break down and cry.

They’re putting on makeup and sucking in their stomach; no you can’t get a normal job you have to stay at home because all you’re good for is looking pretty and cleaning,

They’re trying to be a jock rather than a “nerd” even though their true passion is math; but being smart is against the rules, you can only get a full ride to college as an athlete so man up,

Because if they say one thing that goes against who they’re pretending to be the truth about them will be published.

We need to break social norms, break the silence,

Appreciate people for who they are and who they want to be and not have to worry about people judging us and our decisions.

You don’t have to change to prove yourself to others, just to keep your societal position.