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by Jenna Levine, 2024

Like a Furious geyser,

Waiting to explode,

He waits as his head fills with heat


His mind becomes a tempest,

A storm overflowing with rage.

He’s completely taken over.


Dark clouds swirl,

Encasing him deeper and deeper

Into the tantrum,


But it’s more than just that,

It’s pure,

Unrelenting emotion that’s built up.

It’s something that’s never let out,

Never expressed,

Never talked about.


At this point in his life there’s nothing else to do,

But to give in to the tenderness,

To allow himself to succumb,

And feel.


And before he knows it,

A single stream forms down his face,

As she holds him in her arms.


This stream turns into a waterfall,

Not filled with anger, or fury,

But rather relief.