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National Poetry Month Community Project Posts

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Start brainstorming and return to this page during National Poetry Month to begin submitting your new poems for inclusion in this project. Watch for the “Submit a poem” button to appear here on April 1!

2023 poetry submissions will be accepted from April 1-21 and will be published here beginning April 27.

The Graceful Elephant

by Jennifer Reedy, 2022

I am old
I am not skinny
My thighs are too thick for my calves
My belly hangs over my pants
I don’t care
I put on my pink canvas shoes anyway
I am learning ballet
I plie’ and bend
Yet struggle to rise and releve’
There’s fondue, to melt, like cheese & chocolate
Tondue, to stretch
Saute’ to jump
Music plays and my sore body creeks and pops
It’s exhilarating!
I strive to be as graceful as an elephant.

One Moon, Two Nights

by Anne Kelly-Edmunds, 2022

September’s full moon
dressed in harvest hues
rose about the eastern horizon.
She beckoned brightly as I drove.
I followed until she lit
the foot path to my home.

October’s Hunter’s Moon
shone midnight bright
through out windows.
She woke me with the call:
Come out of doors.
Feel the moist air on your skin,
the damp earth beneath your feet.
I followed, witnessed her shining
arc towards the western horizon.

Give Me the Cooling Night Sky

by Markos Rapitis, 2022

Give me the cooling night sky in all its beauty.

Give me the pretty fireflies that light up the night.

Give me the grass that is covered in dew.

Give me the chance to look up in the night sky and see the stars.

Give me the sun with all of it’s heat to warm me up.

Give me the evening when all goes quiet to watch the sunset fall.

In Spring

by Anne Kelly-Edmunds, 2022

Tight buds open,
        arch toward freedom.
Crimson wishes bloom,
        unfurl with hope.

Beach Walk

by Charlotte Heotis, edited by Peter Heotis, 2022

I strolled along the sandy beach
My tracing the ocean could not reach
But when I look behind
There were only the sands of time.
So, it is with earthly things
We come, we go
Tears only memory we know
Rage and torment are for naught
And only peace and love not forgot.

Spring Raindrops

by Vienna McCarthy, 2022

I see May flowers Blooming
I hear birds singing their sweet songs
I feel the light dripping rain drops on my arm
I taste the sweet honey suckles in the yard
I see the bunnies roaming, and the rain drops dripping from petal to petal
Spring is in the air everywhere


by Linda Sleszynski, 2022

At long last
Difficult to be
Can’t Concentrate on just being
The worries haunt
The memories taunt
Nature is called forth
Heart rate slows
These years have been a test
So much unrest

Never Ending War

by Yvette Malavet-Blum, 2022


Twenty years later

We write about our heartbreak

And let the tears fall on the page

Twenty years later

We bring our heroes and heroines

Back to their families

In coffins to place in their graves

And I let the tears fall on the page

The image of the generals

Saluting the flag Draped coffins

Woke me from my sleep

I wrote about my misery

And deep rooted

In a world that salutes the remains of

Dead twenty- year olds

Who never knew peace

Most of them immigrants

Their lives shortened

The hurt cut me deep

I want more in my lifetime

I Want peace

I turn the page of current events

And always another war

Why Us?

Why Me?

What can I do for my country?

But sing

Oh Say Can You see