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by Jamie Hettema, 2024

    • I’m finding that Viroqua often comes to mind


    • A babbling Brook, a beaver dam, a quiet slice of time


    • A song bird sings


    • The beauty a buttercup brings


    • A rock formation, intricate and divine


    • The way a vine can climb


    • The soul is soothed, the mind released


    • To sights and sounds sublime


    • When I stop for just a moment


    • Serenity fills that time


    • The folks are kind and genuine


    • Accepting and in admiration of the earth


    • It’s peaceful here, I feel held dear


    • And well aware of my worth


    • I’ll carry you home dear Viroqua


    • Deep in my heart and mind


    • And hope to bring your simple wealth


       To all encountered mankind