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Full Circle

by Barbara Progebin Graffe, 2024

The March wind blows on gray, chilly days

As shriveled, brittle and faded orange leaves

Fall on the softening, tan blades of grass.

Small green buds start to appear

At the end of bare tree branches

And pretty, purple crocus

Begin to grow as their petals

Peek out of the softening soil.

Some days clear blue skies are seen

And others gray skies are the day’s color.

Birds return to sing their beautiful morning songs

As geese come back honking.

The clocks spring forward bringing more light to the day

And the night sky appears much later in time.

While the sun gets warmer and stays with us much longer

Children’s voices shout with delight and

The echoes of “Play ball” are heard

And scooter wheels are rolling fast on the sidewalks and


Spring is back with all of its growth

And life has come full circle.