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National Poetry Month Community Project 2020 Posts

A Haiku Collection

by Jennifer Reedy, 2021

Abundant blooms of
Fuschia attracts hummingbirds
An awesome delight!
Cold plastic people
Who weep for our plastic Earth
Glare at plastic phones.
A stunning vision
The yellow magnolia
Is sweetly shining.
Let’s swing by the park
To see the tulips in bloom
Are they finished yet?
Spring’s Cherry Blossoms
Gracefully dance in the wind
Pink snow in my hair.
If there’s a question
The solution is Chocolate-
It’s simply Divine!
Miracles of Spring
Mirror Christ’s Resurrection.
Sing Alleluia!

Nature’s Difference

by Madison Grego, 2021


Nature, it’s a beautiful thing
it’s as peaceful as yoga it’s as crazy as cirus
at first it could be booming, and blustering and then be calm, and cool
when able to make the birds chirp when able to make the sky blue
is able to make the intense booming thunder is able to make the same bright sky cry as rain
that’s just nature
that’s just what nature wants to do.

We Were Born

by Yvette Malavet-Blum, 2021

Only I remember when
You twisted inside of me
I felt the rush of life
Ready to come to be
It was us that were born that day
My life opened up so I could see
What it felt to love unconditionally
A life that came from me
Happy birthday my dear son
You live forever in my heart
And you will always be a part
Of all my creativity
We both loved to write
And you won an award for your poetry
I told you that talent
came from me
I framed it
It will always be
What I felt you received from me
Besides my smile that I hold
Close to my heart

The Dancer

by Lucille Anne Sanders, 2020

His magnificent musculature,
combined with persistent, painful practice,
evolves into an effortless excellence.

Jumps performed with joy.
Leaps lifted out of an inner laughter.
Rhythmic revolutions revealed.

Stories told through his body and music;
symbolic, somber, sexy and sassy.
Magic created from motion.

Trapezius and biceps
blending and beautifully bending
into a fluid fluttering flight.

Colorful costumes cohere
with a contemporary and creative choreography.
The mahogany planes of his fearless face illuminated.
The stage is his centering universe.

Fluid precision felt from fingers to feet.
His dance enthralls, entrances, elevates.
The audience enters into a mesmerized mysticism
of music and movement.

Suddenly he stops.
Silent in stillness.

At rest
his energy reverently reverberates.

That Sunny Day

by Sarah Layer, 2020

As I sit in the tall grass
I feel the warm wind blow through my hair
While the flowers sway in the wind
And the butterflies dance to each flower


The sun’s light shines on the creation
And its warmth fills the air
I listen to the birds sing their songs
And the brook nearby
As the forest trees shake their branches


The clouds move slowly
They cover the sky when they please
Making different shapes


Now the crickets start to chirp
And the sun is about to set
The coolness surrounds me
As the moon starts to glow
The day is done
With the peace still present

My Dog Josie Girl!

by Audrey Asaro, 2020

I have a dog name Josie, who has a heart-shaped, liver color nose,
To me she’s the cutest dog around, I love when she strikes a pose!
Her color is a brown and beige, it blends well all around,
She’s strong and limber, and jumps quite high, and weighs about 15 pounds!
My dog Josie is quite the girl…..
When I take her for a walk she loves to twirl and twirl!
I try to keep her walking on the straight and narrow,
but she always wants to greet the neighbors and the little birds and sparrows!
I take good care of my Josie girl, I brush her and feed her well each day,
She runs outside, I throw her sticks, she catches, and she plays runaway!
Josie, to me, has some of that sparkle and real Hollywood look!
I always think she could be in Star Wars or even the famous book!
Most days she likes to lick my face, my ears and even my toes
she makes me burst into a big laugh, her love she likes to show!
She’s quite the character, and sometimes she can bark and bark and bark,
And that can happen day or night, when she hears a creature or it’s quite dark!
She loves the family, little granddaughter Gianna, and we all do love her back,
Yes, that’s our Josie girl, she likes to protect us and that’s a true fact!
I love at night when I am reading quietly and she sits with so much attention,
Josie nudges near me, right by my side, and I feel her love and affection.

You Say

by Christie Leigh Babirad, 2020

You wear the sweater she gave you.
You say it’s to prove you are not held by the past.
This dark blue terry fits you just right.
A sentimental memory of hers,
worn with a first kiss over a foreign sea.
This was given in deep commitment
to the forever friendship she believed she shared with you.
You don’t need to remember, you say,
for this piece serves you so practically.
It’s almost as if it was never worn
over the heart you let go of so carelessly.
You say.


by Victoria Mena, 2020

Butterflies are special creatures.

They fly around without a care trying not to get caught by the neighbors cat,

But in all honesty they’re no different than you or me.


Their first state is a caterpillar, just like people start out small.

They evolve and grow,

And eventually grow into something beautiful if you give it a little bit of time.


Their patterns are personalities.

Each butterfly has a unique color and pattern,

There’s not one that is exactly the same.


Their wings are emotions.

So fragile and delicate,

The smallest tear can send them crashing down.