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To Be Young and Thriving

by Julianna Ladani, 2024

I think we all take for granted the years of young life,

It isn’t until they’re gone that we miss living a kid’s life.

Everyday was happy with no worries or fears,

Now life is far more complicated and we look back on those years.

I wish I could have stayed a kid forever; I had so much hope,

But at some point we all grow up, we all must cope.

At some point we were all carefree and striving,

Living our best lives, young and thriving.

I wish we could just all go back to that time thereof,

Living our lives much higher above.

No matter the day and no matter the year,

As a young child time seemed to just disappear.

I miss that stress-free life of eventful and fun,

But hopefully the sequel to young life has just begun.