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Poems submitted in 2022

Artist’s Model

by Adam D. Fisher, 2022

I like the art room at the museum—
a nice space, lots of light
through skylights. I change
behind a screen, put on a robe
which I remove when posing.
Today there are museum goers who want
to try their hand at figure drawing.
Of course I sit motionless. At first my mind
goes blank. Then I meditate focusing
on my breath and looking at
a spot on the wall. Later,
I anticipate my drive home,
stopping at the super market—
eggs, milk, bread. And I’d
better get gas. The
station near the Post Office
has the best price. When I get home
my girls will be playing with dolls.
My husband, so handsome,
home from nursing at the hospital
will start dinner. Later
the kids will go up
for baths and to bed.
We’ll read the girls some stories
then Jack and will get
to sit on the couch
and have a glass of wine.
We’ll neck like a couple
of teenagers and he’ll unclasp my bra
and take my breasts in his hands,
and then we’ll go upstairs and
make love. Oh, there’s
the alarm—time to get dressed.
What a great day-dream
that will come true.

A Special Day

Anonymous, 2022

Today is a really special day, do you know why?

Today is the beginning of a new year, where there are many opportunities,

Let the old hurts go, take away the sorrows  and wonderful memories  and lessons learnt remain,

Gladly we accept the new challenges and face them with strength,

United we stand together, dealing with both good and bad,

And with grace and blessings, we welcome the New Year.


by Adam D Fisher, 2022

Cicadas are the garden’s continuo
a gentle bass background
under dove’s early coo,
cardinals’ proclamation of presence.
Deep under maple shade
green and white hostas thrive
with ferns and woodruff. The great
blue-gray spruce rises like a bearded
sage near peonies whose purple
and pink flowers are an extravagant
welcome to more modest ivy geraniums.
Birds feed in front of rose of Sharon, prodigious
summer bloomers in pink and purple, high above
hydrangeas adorned with white, blue and pink balls.
Lythrum is fading white while anemones hold
budding promise of blue September flowers. Wygelia
is  a wan memory of spring, but palest pink
baby’s breath is a small cloud near the grass.
Purple balloon flowers and feathery
Russian sage rise against the gray fence.
Spent Japanese irises are next to
gaudy yellow-orange rudebeckia
while phlox, pink and white,+ are next to
yellow “Peace,” roses.
Yes. Peace.

Sights And Sounds Of Home 

by Tyler Martin, 2022


The Creaky Door

Colorful Paints all around Spackled walls like polka dots The fish tank running

The car waiting in the driveway The Furniture still as can be


The Food’s Aroma Traveling Cabinets all around

Blankets like Clouds

The Fire Roaring

The Bed waiting for my arrival The door closing as I step inside.



by Sarah Mlyn, 2022

A small lapse in our dark void of stillness

Was all I needed to ease the heartache.

Or should I be asking for forgiveness?

Was I blind to our own little earthquake?


Too many questions within our blank miles

That only contain our missing pieces.

Black and white covering our fading smiles,

As the bare distance only increases.


We are nothing but an echo of love,

Which I so selfishly thought to be real.

With our lies, I thought we could rise above.

But we crumbled, and I made a big deal.


Why did we crumble, lifeless to the ground

When I didn’t make a single small sound?


by Charlotte Heotis, edited by Peter Heotis, 2022

oh, Azure skies with sculptured clouds
That movement on the winds rely
Your grander delights my eye
And lures me, to fly.
In reverie I’m lifted up
And floating in the blue
Awed, overwhelmed, astonished by the view
Indeed born up in a way-
Now, if you think this is delirious
Sit back-relax and dream
For all life is a Wonderland
Staid, inert-or extreme.
Oh, that seed or breath from which the world was born
Floating into the abyss and out of the mist
It’s motion to the ebb and flow
To make each molecule to grow
How, oh how we all marvel and watch so
Each atom take its place
And fill each empty space
Lake and sky, eternity, humanity, life!

The Earth Forever Rotates

by Julia Feit, 2022

The Earth forever rotates

creating golden mornings

and shimmering nights

It never gets a break

spinning, spinning, spinning

day after day

night after night

creating beautiful phenomes

Yet she feels so motionless


by Charlotte Heotis, edited by Peter Heotis, 2022

The goblins are a comin’
They’re traipsing up my walk
Some look mighty ghoulish
Speaking in such a gibberish
They have unearthly grins
Some I’m sure are aliens
There’s animals and ghastly insects
And humans with grotesques defects
Fairies dancing on the lawn
Even a cavorting little fawn
Do you think this is all a dream?
Of course not, it’s just Halloween!

Quiet Summer Day

by Adam D Fisher, 2022

The street is quiet now.
The garbage truck
rumbled though an hour ago.
The few cars pass slowly
under trees that arch over the road
shading it from hot sun.
The road curves around the pond
passing neat lawns, rows of tall arborvitae.
White roses and blue salvia provide quiet color.
A dark eyed child in seersucker
shorts digs in the sand box,
another squeaks quietly on the swing.
A heavy man floats in the pale blue pool
while a woman in a wide straw hat
lays on a lounge sleeping.
Frogs croak unseen by the pond’s reeds,
others swim or rest by the shore.
A sparrow grasps a slowly swaying branch
where it wipes its beak.
A great white egret’s long legs wade
slowly searching for fish.
A dozen ducks float, the male Mallards’
heads iridescent in the sun.
A woman in a white dress
sits grasping her knees looking at the pond.

The Dream

by Michella Paggy, 2022

Where bees buzz and rivers row

Where frogs leap and sheep roam

Where the breeze is like coming up for air, and the smell of flowers is ripe

Where the goats gloat and fireflies fly

Where stars shine and the moon moves

Where rabbits hop and horses run

Where your alarm beeps and disturbs your sleep

Where you groan and moan

Where you get ready for school

Where you hope you’ll have the same dream tonight.