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Quiet Summer Day

by Adam D Fisher, 2022

The street is quiet now.
The garbage truck
rumbled though an hour ago.
The few cars pass slowly
under trees that arch over the road
shading it from hot sun.
The road curves around the pond
passing neat lawns, rows of tall arborvitae.
White roses and blue salvia provide quiet color.
A dark eyed child in seersucker
shorts digs in the sand box,
another squeaks quietly on the swing.
A heavy man floats in the pale blue pool
while a woman in a wide straw hat
lays on a lounge sleeping.
Frogs croak unseen by the pond’s reeds,
others swim or rest by the shore.
A sparrow grasps a slowly swaying branch
where it wipes its beak.
A great white egret’s long legs wade
slowly searching for fish.
A dozen ducks float, the male Mallards’
heads iridescent in the sun.
A woman in a white dress
sits grasping her knees looking at the pond.