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by Charlotte Heotis, edited by Peter Heotis, 2022

oh, Azure skies with sculptured clouds
That movement on the winds rely
Your grander delights my eye
And lures me, to fly.
In reverie I’m lifted up
And floating in the blue
Awed, overwhelmed, astonished by the view
Indeed born up in a way-
Now, if you think this is delirious
Sit back-relax and dream
For all life is a Wonderland
Staid, inert-or extreme.
Oh, that seed or breath from which the world was born
Floating into the abyss and out of the mist
It’s motion to the ebb and flow
To make each molecule to grow
How, oh how we all marvel and watch so
Each atom take its place
And fill each empty space
Lake and sky, eternity, humanity, life!