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Poems submitted in 2022


Anonymous, 2022

Waves crashing and the wind howling

My eyes are closed, taking in the sound

Crash, whoosh, whoosh

I feel relaxed as water sprays my skin like a mist

Crash, whoosh, crash

Sand is in between my toes

Whoosh, Crash, Whoosh

The wind gets stronger and the waves become larger


The bright sun is about to set

My mind clear now, I feel renewed



by Charlotte Heotis, edited by Peter Heotis, 2022

Life is a tapestry
Woven with many threads
Light and bright
Dark and white
Of silk and knobby tweed
What every fills the need
Each weft and warp
Adds to the scene
Revealing the weaver’s theme.


by Anne Kelly-Edmunds, 2022

Even as multi-hued leaves release
         twirl toward earth
two bright blue
      morning glories bloom
open to October’s cool light
         protectively cup
yellow throats rich with songs
       welcoming this day

Just In Case

by Adam D. Fisher, 2022

Fred, whose car broke down,
didn’t have money to fix it
and lost his minimum wage job
because he couldn’t get to work.
Then, because he couldn’t
pay his rent, he was evicted
from his basement apartment.
Now he lives in the woods
off Rogers Road in a spot
among the bushes so he can’t
be seen even in winter.
He’s made a bed of old quilts
he found in a dumpster;
keeps a sharp knife under
his pillow just in case.
He collects bottles to make
a few dollars, stole a bike
he uses to get around
and ask for work,
eats in soup kitchens,
washes in their bathrooms.
Finally he got a job
as a night cleaner in an office.
He washes the floor,
empties baskets and cleans
the bathrooms.
At least it is warm.
Soon, he’ll save enough
to rent a basement apartment
but he won’t get a car—
won’t take a chance
on unexpected bills.


by Bilal Choudrey, 2022

April’s here!

And we are here.

So let’s grow rows of poems.

Each word is a poem seed.

Plant and read.


by Charlotte Heotis, edited by Peter Heotis, 2022

It was not north nor South
Neither east nor West
T’was where they met
This is a place of rest
It was not black nor white
Nor any shade in between
It was a blend of all
Just, one to be seen
It was there I met my enemy
I saw him eye to eye
We speak of keth and kin
Realized he like me
Hold all so dear
It was better to be friends.
We vowed right here and now
No more shall be war
That nothing here was his or mine
but all upon the earth was Thine.
So at a crossroads
Where all do meet
The cross is born
On all men’s feet

Staying in the Lines

by Adam D. Fisher, 2022

Trying to keep
awake on the LIE
while going 70,
I blink, turn up the radio
lick my fingers to wet
my eyelids, catch
myself weaving
into other
feel like a kid trying
to color
in the lines except
if I go over these lines,
I will get killed.


by Charlotte Heotis, edited by Peter Heotis, 2022

Those who fish for trout
Go where beauty is
Where air is incense, where
No poison strains.
Congenial friends may share
These lonely streams,
But they must stay past bend
Or waterfall.
Testing oneself is best
When done alone.
We try to learn the secrets
Of the stream
How currents run , what drifts
In quiet depths
0r sweeps around the stones
to tempt a fish;
what artifice can stir
the same desire
with feathers and some fur
a barb within
A trout is never trusting
We learn by using
Simple, ancient gear,
The history of an art-
And we learn patience, too,
Sometimes the hardest part.
The solitude,
Relief from care,
Frustrating doubt
About our angling skills-
These stay with those who fish for trout


by Anne Kelly-Edmunds, 2022

Her golden-petaled crown
surrounds a burnt-sienna center
seeded with possibilities.

Sonnet 2

by Mila Klaric, 2022

Heed my gentle tone, hear my praise for thee.

Impart thy gracious presence, my fair king.

Show me thy frozen hands, show thy misery,

How persistent the frost, even in spring.

Thou shalt not falter, through bearing such pain,

Shall I submit my soul to thy cold gaze?

Stay then, watch how wisps of clouds form fresh rain,

The heavens so bright, coated in sun rays,

Clouds so heavy, torrents rushing untamed,

The stings of droplets, the breath of wind here,

Release thee, for thou shalt not be pained,

Spring greets thee with grace, and so will I dear.

And with its sweet waters, I worship thee,

Thy alloweth my soul to be truly free.