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Artist’s Model

by Adam D. Fisher, 2022

I like the art room at the museum—
a nice space, lots of light
through skylights. I change
behind a screen, put on a robe
which I remove when posing.
Today there are museum goers who want
to try their hand at figure drawing.
Of course I sit motionless. At first my mind
goes blank. Then I meditate focusing
on my breath and looking at
a spot on the wall. Later,
I anticipate my drive home,
stopping at the super market—
eggs, milk, bread. And I’d
better get gas. The
station near the Post Office
has the best price. When I get home
my girls will be playing with dolls.
My husband, so handsome,
home from nursing at the hospital
will start dinner. Later
the kids will go up
for baths and to bed.
We’ll read the girls some stories
then Jack and will get
to sit on the couch
and have a glass of wine.
We’ll neck like a couple
of teenagers and he’ll unclasp my bra
and take my breasts in his hands,
and then we’ll go upstairs and
make love. Oh, there’s
the alarm—time to get dressed.
What a great day-dream
that will come true.