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by Adam D Fisher, 2022

Cicadas are the garden’s continuo
a gentle bass background
under dove’s early coo,
cardinals’ proclamation of presence.
Deep under maple shade
green and white hostas thrive
with ferns and woodruff. The great
blue-gray spruce rises like a bearded
sage near peonies whose purple
and pink flowers are an extravagant
welcome to more modest ivy geraniums.
Birds feed in front of rose of Sharon, prodigious
summer bloomers in pink and purple, high above
hydrangeas adorned with white, blue and pink balls.
Lythrum is fading white while anemones hold
budding promise of blue September flowers. Wygelia
is  a wan memory of spring, but palest pink
baby’s breath is a small cloud near the grass.
Purple balloon flowers and feathery
Russian sage rise against the gray fence.
Spent Japanese irises are next to
gaudy yellow-orange rudebeckia
while phlox, pink and white,+ are next to
yellow “Peace,” roses.
Yes. Peace.