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Give Me the Cooling Night Sky

by Markos Rapitis, 2022

Give me the cooling night sky in all its beauty.

Give me the pretty fireflies that light up the night.

Give me the grass that is covered in dew.

Give me the chance to look up in the night sky and see the stars.

Give me the sun with all of it’s heat to warm me up.

Give me the evening when all goes quiet to watch the sunset fall.

Spring Raindrops

by Vienna McCarthy, 2022

I see May flowers Blooming
I hear birds singing their sweet songs
I feel the light dripping rain drops on my arm
I taste the sweet honey suckles in the yard
I see the bunnies roaming, and the rain drops dripping from petal to petal
Spring is in the air everywhere

Never Ending War

by Yvette Malavet-Blum, 2022


Twenty years later

We write about our heartbreak

And let the tears fall on the page

Twenty years later

We bring our heroes and heroines

Back to their families

In coffins to place in their graves

And I let the tears fall on the page

The image of the generals

Saluting the flag Draped coffins

Woke me from my sleep

I wrote about my misery

And deep rooted

In a world that salutes the remains of

Dead twenty- year olds

Who never knew peace

Most of them immigrants

Their lives shortened

The hurt cut me deep

I want more in my lifetime

I Want peace

I turn the page of current events

And always another war

Why Us?

Why Me?

What can I do for my country?

But sing

Oh Say Can You see


Anonymous, 2022

Waves crashing and the wind howling

My eyes are closed, taking in the sound

Crash, whoosh, whoosh

I feel relaxed as water sprays my skin like a mist

Crash, whoosh, crash

Sand is in between my toes

Whoosh, Crash, Whoosh

The wind gets stronger and the waves become larger


The bright sun is about to set

My mind clear now, I feel renewed



by Bilal Choudrey, 2022

April’s here!

And we are here.

So let’s grow rows of poems.

Each word is a poem seed.

Plant and read.

Sonnet 2

by Mila Klaric, 2022

Heed my gentle tone, hear my praise for thee.

Impart thy gracious presence, my fair king.

Show me thy frozen hands, show thy misery,

How persistent the frost, even in spring.

Thou shalt not falter, through bearing such pain,

Shall I submit my soul to thy cold gaze?

Stay then, watch how wisps of clouds form fresh rain,

The heavens so bright, coated in sun rays,

Clouds so heavy, torrents rushing untamed,

The stings of droplets, the breath of wind here,

Release thee, for thou shalt not be pained,

Spring greets thee with grace, and so will I dear.

And with its sweet waters, I worship thee,

Thy alloweth my soul to be truly free.

A Special Day

Anonymous, 2022

Today is a really special day, do you know why?

Today is the beginning of a new year, where there are many opportunities,

Let the old hurts go, take away the sorrows  and wonderful memories  and lessons learnt remain,

Gladly we accept the new challenges and face them with strength,

United we stand together, dealing with both good and bad,

And with grace and blessings, we welcome the New Year.

Sights And Sounds Of Home 

by Tyler Martin, 2022


The Creaky Door

Colorful Paints all around Spackled walls like polka dots The fish tank running

The car waiting in the driveway The Furniture still as can be


The Food’s Aroma Traveling Cabinets all around

Blankets like Clouds

The Fire Roaring

The Bed waiting for my arrival The door closing as I step inside.



by Sarah Mlyn, 2022

A small lapse in our dark void of stillness

Was all I needed to ease the heartache.

Or should I be asking for forgiveness?

Was I blind to our own little earthquake?


Too many questions within our blank miles

That only contain our missing pieces.

Black and white covering our fading smiles,

As the bare distance only increases.


We are nothing but an echo of love,

Which I so selfishly thought to be real.

With our lies, I thought we could rise above.

But we crumbled, and I made a big deal.


Why did we crumble, lifeless to the ground

When I didn’t make a single small sound?