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My Dog Josie Girl!

by Audrey Asaro, 2020

I have a dog name Josie, who has a heart-shaped, liver color nose,
To me she’s the cutest dog around, I love when she strikes a pose!
Her color is a brown and beige, it blends well all around,
She’s strong and limber, and jumps quite high, and weighs about 15 pounds!
My dog Josie is quite the girl…..
When I take her for a walk she loves to twirl and twirl!
I try to keep her walking on the straight and narrow,
but she always wants to greet the neighbors and the little birds and sparrows!
I take good care of my Josie girl, I brush her and feed her well each day,
She runs outside, I throw her sticks, she catches, and she plays runaway!
Josie, to me, has some of that sparkle and real Hollywood look!
I always think she could be in Star Wars or even the famous book!
Most days she likes to lick my face, my ears and even my toes
she makes me burst into a big laugh, her love she likes to show!
She’s quite the character, and sometimes she can bark and bark and bark,
And that can happen day or night, when she hears a creature or it’s quite dark!
She loves the family, little granddaughter Gianna, and we all do love her back,
Yes, that’s our Josie girl, she likes to protect us and that’s a true fact!
I love at night when I am reading quietly and she sits with so much attention,
Josie nudges near me, right by my side, and I feel her love and affection.

You Say

by Christie Leigh Babirad, 2020

You wear the sweater she gave you.
You say it’s to prove you are not held by the past.
This dark blue terry fits you just right.
A sentimental memory of hers,
worn with a first kiss over a foreign sea.
This was given in deep commitment
to the forever friendship she believed she shared with you.
You don’t need to remember, you say,
for this piece serves you so practically.
It’s almost as if it was never worn
over the heart you let go of so carelessly.
You say.

by Debbie Engelhardt, 2020

It’s a building full of books
(Want to take some home?)
It’s a place to be with others
When you’re feeling all alone.

It’s a place to take a class
Or to grab a DVD,
To bump into a neighbor,
Get your taxes done for free!

It’s a friendly space for people
In our community
Who don’t have very much 
And need a safe place to just “be”.

But, wait!
It’s closed!
That library we knew-
Where does that now leave us?
What’s a librarian
(And a community) to do?

Books are online to read and listen to!
Get a card on the web;
Your e-Library’s here for you!

Stream movies all month long 
(Hoopla and kanopy are great!)
And there’s nothing to return
So your stuff is never late!

If social media’s where you are,
Our Facebook game is strong,
Our website’s up-to-date,
Our virtual events list long!

Paint and Sip!
Hear a poem or story!
Try a new recipe – 
You’ll be in your glory!

Our Tik Toks amuse-
They’ll make you laugh!
You’ll see the hard work
Of our amazing staff!

For a library is people.
It’s you and it’s me.
A community center – 
Now virtually!

So visit today!
Be a part once again
Of all the Library offers-
And reconnect with old friends!

Desire and Delight

by Lucille Sanders, 2020

As summer’s end
invites in the cool night air
and a perceptible shift
in the sun’s light,
my time
for swimming in the warmth and buoyancy
of the Long Island Sound
is waning.


That always near,
yet almost unconscious
ache and stiffness
that is my body


being transformed,


by movement
through water and salt,


into the feeling of silken muscle,


will once again
become a memory
and a desire.


A desire deepening
into moments of longing
as I delight in walking
into the relief of more refreshing temperatures
and the softer embrace of the sun’s gentle golden light
throughout the fading green,
maroon-red, rusting-yellow and cinnamon-brown tapestry
that is the forest in fall.

Blue Skies and Rain

by Sarah Layer, 2020

If life was all blue skies
And there was no rain
Then there’d be no growth
And there’d be no change


No colorful flowers
No green grass
All those colors would never last


Everything would die and wither away
The life-living green would surely turn to grey


So remember in life when storm clouds come
It only means change, a colorful sum
So endure the rain clouds for a time
Because soon the sun will be shining with everything fine


Don’t ever forget
No matter how long you live, this simple phrase-
It takes the rain and clouds
To make better days

The Little Bee

by Linda and Robert Baacke, 2020

A Poem my Father and I wrote, when I was a child:

The little Bee flies through the storm

For a place in the woods that will keep him warm.

All through the wind and the rain he sleeps

Until the dawn around him creeps

A Moment

by Gloria Steiding, 2020

A gossamer mist like ghosts, moves across the still water
As the sun climbs to its perch
The mountains hold us close  
A monarch, with summer memories, drifts by
While Autumn begins its brilliant descent
Our colors fade
Your hand, a sea anchor pausing movement 
Facing us towards the storm’s oncoming waves. 


by Gloria Steiding, 2020

My heart is tired 
Forgiveness must find another way
Breathed in through the lungs
Like medicinal mist
Absorbed through the skin
Like soothing sunlight
I yearn for it 
A virtue I cannot attain
I am a prisoner 
Only you can release 
With words of regret
I would fly with the speed of a hummingbird
Toward the radiant light.

An Hour in Time
(Narrative Poem)

by Christie Leigh Babirad, 2020

Running in the gym above the football field, I looked out to the endless land and great big blue sky through the room length window. I had never existed in such a space before. Missing Mom, but my heart was beating hope. A world wide open, I ached for only one world to notice me- His world. I wanted him to show me every inch.