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First Tulip

by Anne Kelly-Edmunds, 2021

A hint of yellow runs
upward like a seam,
promises to rent
the tight fabric
of thick verdant protection
against spring’s fickle days
and chilly nights.
Soon, petals that glow
like noontime sunshine
will unfold upward,
open to cup a star
of six jet-black pistils
surrounding the white-gold
gift of stamen.

Chance of Snow

by Alison Quinn, 2021

Just the tip
of a snowfall
as it chances to land
on a grassy moment.
it points to doorways
and skips around the hours.
Like a gentle javelin,
it aims softly for our daydreams.
We have no choice
but to be targets, pleased.


Anonymous, 2021


Nature, it’s a beautiful thing
it’s as peaceful as yoga it’s as crazy as cirus
at first it could be booming, and blustering and then be calm, and cool
when able to make the birds chirp when able to make the sky blue
is able to make the intense booming thunder is able to make the same bright sky cry as rain
that’s just nature
that’s just what nature wants to do.

Snow Shadow

by Emma Elgut, 2021

Does it make a shadow when it falls?
Or perhaps it makes no shadow at all.

Does it whisper to the trees,
telling the bees that spring is at its knees,
rising as it please.

Where does it come from?
Why does it fall?
When nobody asked for any snow at all.


by Jennifer Reedy, 2021

The opposite of love is not hate.
It is indifference-
A disease of the heart
Where one cannot see and appreciate the
Beauty and Awesomeness of simply being alive and awake-
Awake to wonder; awake to pray.
As the ocean’s waves pound on solid rock,
There is hope for healing the blind and hardened heart.
Time and patience gradually erode the selfish delusions of
‘Whatevers’, ‘So Whats’ and ‘Who Cares?’ that make us separate, alone and aloof.
I believe in the power of gentleness and loving kindness
Towards self and others
To chisel away and penetrate the
Dark, icy recesses of the cold, afflicted heart,
Only to reveal a light of tenderness, compassion and unconditional love
That flickers, burns and shines in each one of us,
More generous and life-giving than the warm rays of the sun.


by Holly Grieve, 2021

Ways to capture feelings, opinions, wistful or delightful thoughts into one.
Which can describe beautiful tulips blooming at dawn then day. The core of sweet songs, and meaningful advice.
But now only seems like threats, insults, and pleads. How could words be a simple sound for one.
But an inconsiderate offense in the eyes of another?
Nothing but a joke people say.
Until you’re the one holding everything inside.
Holding in so many feelings and thoughts of all kinds. That you cannot even put into words.
It feels like you’re holding your breath until everything is about to burst. Until you realize you are actually holding your breath.
To stop the noises you are making. That this time is not words but whimpers.
As sobs rip through your lips.
A wave of realization shocks through you.
Insults are to feelings as what a knife is to skin. Maybe you cannot control other people’s words.
But you have full control over your own. Words can be used as an ambush.
Or can be used as a defense. The choice is yours.

The Piano Keys

Anonymous, 2021

the piano keys click with every touch

the sound ringing through my ears

the curtain falls

it’s over

i get up from my seat



my parents must be proud

is this what i wanted?



i just wanted to touch the keys



In the Moment

by Yvette Malavet-Blum, 2021

I know you’re slipping and you might not know
I grab your time and hold it close
Cause in the moment you are dear
In the moment you are here
We talk away each word a gift
And speak of only what we feel
Cause you were there at my side
You were one with me one of five
How can I comfort you and comfort me
Knowing that it’s time we need
Time that rushes pass by so swiftly
We want to keep it
Slow it down
Where once it was like liquid flowing
Now it’s only moments
We take a moment and reflect on our lives
The same mother the same father the same sisters the same brothers
Our uncles and cousins we have the same last name
Only you understand just how
I came to be as I am now
You were there when I was growing, changing, moving and leaving
I was there at your wedding, the births of your children and all the celebrations
We loved each other’s singing
The death of our parents
Sisters and son
You were there as only a brother can be
You were there
In the moment with me.

Paradise Point

by Allyson Hough, 2021

Heavenly summer, with daring carnivals,

And mouthwatering cotton candy.

Traveling to the tranquil beach,

And listening to the waves woosh.

Gaining a tan and relaxing,

While the sky slowly drifts into the starry night,

Summer, the endless, forever fun.

Experiencing bonfires while melting S’mores.

Stuffing your face with juicy, refreshing fruit,

In the magical, beloved summer.

Advancing to a brand new, thrilling destination daily.

Receiving perfect weather,

Like celebrating Christmas everyday.

Extended nights, staying up, and waking in the afternoon.

Summer, filled with chilly ice cream,

Dripping down the crispy, tan cone.

Scorching summer sand,

Scattering into simple seashells

The Strength of the Seamen; the Fray of the Storm

Anonymous, 2021

The sky darkens as I look over the waves,

A storm is coming.

Racing over the miles of unkempt water,

Racing towards me.


The winds pick up,

Howling like a coyote,

Tussling my hair.


Looking out from the crow’s nest,

As the grey clouds sprawl across the sky.

The storm is racing towards us.


The thunder rumbles,

Shaking my bones,

And the waves churn below,

Caping themselves with white foam.


The rain starts,

First a drizzle dampening the deck,

Then a downpour.

The storm is unfurling its beauty and fear.


The sails straining against the northern winds,

Threatening us with their strength,

Their power.


Yanking in the ropes,

Battening down the hatches,

The storm is here.


The waves toss us across the ocean,

Throwing us from side to side,

Slipping and sliding to the prow,

Steering her away from harm.


Racing against time,

Squinting through the storm.

The waters tugging the rudder away from our destination.


Pushing the tiller away,

Trying to fight the oceans fray.


This is the thrill of being a sailor,

The excitement of a brewing storm,

And the strength to steer our ship from harm.