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by Jennifer Reedy, 2021

The opposite of love is not hate.
It is indifference-
A disease of the heart
Where one cannot see and appreciate the
Beauty and Awesomeness of simply being alive and awake-
Awake to wonder; awake to pray.
As the ocean’s waves pound on solid rock,
There is hope for healing the blind and hardened heart.
Time and patience gradually erode the selfish delusions of
‘Whatevers’, ‘So Whats’ and ‘Who Cares?’ that make us separate, alone and aloof.
I believe in the power of gentleness and loving kindness
Towards self and others
To chisel away and penetrate the
Dark, icy recesses of the cold, afflicted heart,
Only to reveal a light of tenderness, compassion and unconditional love
That flickers, burns and shines in each one of us,
More generous and life-giving than the warm rays of the sun.