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Paradise Point

by Allyson Hough, 2021

Heavenly summer, with daring carnivals,

And mouthwatering cotton candy.

Traveling to the tranquil beach,

And listening to the waves woosh.

Gaining a tan and relaxing,

While the sky slowly drifts into the starry night,

Summer, the endless, forever fun.

Experiencing bonfires while melting S’mores.

Stuffing your face with juicy, refreshing fruit,

In the magical, beloved summer.

Advancing to a brand new, thrilling destination daily.

Receiving perfect weather,

Like celebrating Christmas everyday.

Extended nights, staying up, and waking in the afternoon.

Summer, filled with chilly ice cream,

Dripping down the crispy, tan cone.

Scorching summer sand,

Scattering into simple seashells