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In the Moment

by Yvette Malavet-Blum, 2021

I know you’re slipping and you might not know
I grab your time and hold it close
Cause in the moment you are dear
In the moment you are here
We talk away each word a gift
And speak of only what we feel
Cause you were there at my side
You were one with me one of five
How can I comfort you and comfort me
Knowing that it’s time we need
Time that rushes pass by so swiftly
We want to keep it
Slow it down
Where once it was like liquid flowing
Now it’s only moments
We take a moment and reflect on our lives
The same mother the same father the same sisters the same brothers
Our uncles and cousins we have the same last name
Only you understand just how
I came to be as I am now
You were there when I was growing, changing, moving and leaving
I was there at your wedding, the births of your children and all the celebrations
We loved each other’s singing
The death of our parents
Sisters and son
You were there as only a brother can be
You were there
In the moment with me.