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by Holly Grieve, 2021

Ways to capture feelings, opinions, wistful or delightful thoughts into one.
Which can describe beautiful tulips blooming at dawn then day. The core of sweet songs, and meaningful advice.
But now only seems like threats, insults, and pleads. How could words be a simple sound for one.
But an inconsiderate offense in the eyes of another?
Nothing but a joke people say.
Until you’re the one holding everything inside.
Holding in so many feelings and thoughts of all kinds. That you cannot even put into words.
It feels like you’re holding your breath until everything is about to burst. Until you realize you are actually holding your breath.
To stop the noises you are making. That this time is not words but whimpers.
As sobs rip through your lips.
A wave of realization shocks through you.
Insults are to feelings as what a knife is to skin. Maybe you cannot control other people’s words.
But you have full control over your own. Words can be used as an ambush.
Or can be used as a defense. The choice is yours.