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by Charlotte Heotis, edited by PM Heotis, 2024

A huge graying woodchuck owns my hill.  He peeks out from blackberry thorns—eyes the play yard up and down.  Then, casually waddles out. His fat loose skin waving over his short legs.  Spying a tender dandelion he munches its leaves until he spies others he thinks more tender—thus he proceeds up my hill stopping innumerable times to take stock of what’s around.  Making sure he’s in full ownership of his territory.  Should he even get a glimpse of my shadow in the window he streaks for cover.

Then guess what—I saw him yesterday sitting up under my apple tree—a small green delicious apple in his two front paws.  Nibbling away.   It must not have been tasty because he did not eat much.  Off he ran to his woodchuck hole.  Me being very curious went out to check his tooth marks in the apple. Hope he doesn’t get a tummy ache-I surely would.