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The Dancer

by Lucille Anne Sanders, 2020

His magnificent musculature,
combined with persistent, painful practice,
evolves into an effortless excellence.

Jumps performed with joy.
Leaps lifted out of an inner laughter.
Rhythmic revolutions revealed.

Stories told through his body and music;
symbolic, somber, sexy and sassy.
Magic created from motion.

Trapezius and biceps
blending and beautifully bending
into a fluid fluttering flight.

Colorful costumes cohere
with a contemporary and creative choreography.
The mahogany planes of his fearless face illuminated.
The stage is his centering universe.

Fluid precision felt from fingers to feet.
His dance enthralls, entrances, elevates.
The audience enters into a mesmerized mysticism
of music and movement.

Suddenly he stops.
Silent in stillness.

At rest
his energy reverently reverberates.