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Brooklyn’s Echoes

by Barbara Progebin Graffe, 2024

Children’s voices in the alley

Tag your it

Throw it to me

Echoes of laughter everywhere.


Come in big Barbara

Little Barbara come home

Women leaning out of windows

Echoes of mothers voices calling.


Parades down Eastern Parkway

Marching bands heard

People dancing during celebrations

Echoes of steps in unison on pavement.


My neighborhood was Crown Heights

Greetings from those walking to stores

Ebbets Field not too far from home

Echoes of crowds cheering on clear days.


My Dad’s voice singing songs

Reciting children’s rhymes

His words of encouragement always

Echoes of “I love you forever”.


Brooklyn’s echoes are with me always

Bringing smiles and laughter

Fond memories to my heart

And warmth to my soul.