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My Dog Josie Girl!

by Audrey Asaro, 2020

I have a dog name Josie, who has a heart-shaped, liver color nose,
To me she’s the cutest dog around, I love when she strikes a pose!
Her color is a brown and beige, it blends well all around,
She’s strong and limber, and jumps quite high, and weighs about 15 pounds!
My dog Josie is quite the girl…..
When I take her for a walk she loves to twirl and twirl!
I try to keep her walking on the straight and narrow,
but she always wants to greet the neighbors and the little birds and sparrows!
I take good care of my Josie girl, I brush her and feed her well each day,
She runs outside, I throw her sticks, she catches, and she plays runaway!
Josie, to me, has some of that sparkle and real Hollywood look!
I always think she could be in Star Wars or even the famous book!
Most days she likes to lick my face, my ears and even my toes
she makes me burst into a big laugh, her love she likes to show!
She’s quite the character, and sometimes she can bark and bark and bark,
And that can happen day or night, when she hears a creature or it’s quite dark!
She loves the family, little granddaughter Gianna, and we all do love her back,
Yes, that’s our Josie girl, she likes to protect us and that’s a true fact!
I love at night when I am reading quietly and she sits with so much attention,
Josie nudges near me, right by my side, and I feel her love and affection.