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Magical Tree

by Adam D. Fisher, 2022

When a grandpa arrives
visits his grandson,
Jimmy jumps up and down,
“Quick grandpa let’s go
bike riding. I want to show you
my secret, magical place.
Please! Please!!” Grandpa
follows recalling that he hasn’t ridden a bike
in forty years and doesn’t know
if he remembers how.
He follows his grandson to the
garage where he finds his daughter’s
bike rusted, tires flat, chain askew.
He pumps up the tires,
adjusts the chain, and gives
it a try. He is wobbly at first but soon
more confident.  He follows Jimmy
to a path in the woods paved with wood chips,
“ See, Grandpa, I told you
this was a secret, magical place.” Just then
a couple walks by with a dog. “Well,” says Jimmy,
“almost secret, but still magical. Let me show you
my favorite tree.” They ride farther. The boy
stops lays down his bike and hugs a giant oak.
“This is the biggest tree in the forest and has magical
powers too.” Grandpa gets off the bike and holds
hands around the tree with his grandson, “You’re
right—it is magical.”