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by Yvette Malavet-Blum, 2021

I am grateful for the artists who inspires me to write
For the poet who ends her stanza with words of love
For Bruce who walks and talks and moves in poetry and song
Adele who reminds me that growing older makes a person reckless
For the spirit of my son who reaches into my heart and reminds me of my ability to create
And the song that emerges from my mind swinging and moving into being
I am grateful for the artists who paints and leaves me breathless
For the day that I can walk into a museum and find myself inside an artist’s brush work
I am grateful for the love that keeps me breathing and living and singing and moving
And honoring my passion
And recognizing that it is truly mine
My song
My dreams
My love story
My life
My time on earth
My touch so unique and special that I can touch another soul and feel it tremble
Someone of like mind like Bruce and Adele
Thank you for the artists that writes with beauty and leaving me
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